We have obtained instructional materials from Christian and secular publishers who provide excellent materials. Our goal is not just a quality education, but an education that weaves a Christian worldview of God’s truth throughout. Where the publisher has not reflected God’s truth in the curriculum, the teachers will. Our materials include:

ELA: BJU Publishing

Math: Savvas enVision

Social Studies/History: BJU Publishing

Kindergarten: Abeka Publishing

Science: Mystery Science

Bible: Foundation Worldview


Creating the foundations for lifelong learning begins in preschool and kindergarten. Pursuit Preschool and Kindergarten classes sets the stage for future success in elementary school by educating the hearts and minds of our youngest students.

Our beginning students learn to grow and play through a mixture of interactive lessons, directed play, and social interaction, which builds the framework for reading, writing, and math mastery. Our morning half-day Preschool combines interactive learning with preparation for Kindergarten. Our full-day Kindergarten blends exploration and discovery with training and skill building to prepare students for first grade and beyond.

Using the Abeka curriculum as the basis for the instruction component, we weave Christ throughout all our lessons, and give our students a sense of who they are in Christ.


First through sixth grade is the backbone of education. So whether your child is stepping into first grade or is progressing to more advanced lessons in elementary school, you want them to have every opportunity to build confidence in themselves and in their learning abilities.

As a parent, you also recognize that this is a formative season for your child. You want them to learn healthy social skills and how to problem solve, cultivate creativity, and develop character. Because they are easily influenced at their young age, you also want them to be taught the same values and beliefs you model at home. Our teachers engage students to make learning relevant and enjoyable. Students learn the fundamentals, solve problems, and think critically to better understand how the Lord wonderfully knit them together. Our small class sizes enhance learning, as each child receives the individual attention necessary to succeed, whether they struggle with learning, or are advanced, and need to be challenged. Further, we support special needs children in the main classroom, providing the opportunity for them to learn while enjoying the company of fellow students their age.

We inspire our students to:

  • Embrace God’s Truth
  • Strive for Excellence
  • Demonstrate Leadership
  • Value Scholarship
  • Exhibit Christ-like Character
  • Pursue Service
  • and Build Community

After School Club

At Pursuit Elementary, we understand that the end of the school day can be a busy time for parents. That's why we offer a reliable and nurturing after-school club program to support working families. Our after-school club program provides a safe and structured environment where students can unwind, socialize, and engage in enriching activities. From arts and crafts to outdoor play and games, our caring staff ensures that each child has a fun and enjoyable experience. We also provide a designated homework time where students can receive assistance and guidance from our experienced staff. At Pursuit Elementary, we prioritize the well-being and development of every child, even outside of regular school hours. Join our after-school club program and give your child a secure and stimulating place to spend their afternoons.